~PASS-2~500~NIL 50~TO~CD~NBN~


*Please Read* :
I am going to walk you through the set up of using this tournament layout.

1. Go to Edit Tournament Info and remove the title for tourney leave it blank you do not need a title for page. Instead you will put the transparent image provided below into top image spot in edit tournament layout
2. Now go to Customize Tournament and follow the steps below skipping none.
3. Make sure to use exact color codes as listed below if want page to look same as here and exact images.
4. Now do a select all and copy and paste the code below into the HTML box on tourney page.

WooHooo You got it now enjoy !

Select All
  (copy and paste into html box)

“Background Image” (Highlight and copy to page)

 “Top Image” (Highlight and copy to page)

“Color Codes”

Background color:                                      #
Link color:                                                 #
Text color:                                                 #
Header background color:                         #
Header text color:                                      #
Small header color:                                     #
Title color:                                                  #