Welcome to My Tournament

Text and Rules Here



*Please Read* :

1. Go to Edit Tournament Info and remove the title for tourney leave it blank.
2. Now go to Customize Tournament and follow the steps below.

Using the font called Georgia or Tahoma is a safe font to use since all computers have those fonts. *Hint* people will only see fonts that are on their systems so if you use one they don't have they wont see it as such.

Select All   from box below then copy and paste into notepad then scroll down until find the words
" Text and Rules Here "  Remove just those words and type in your rules and game settings,
 then copy all from notepad and paste into the html box in center of the Customized Tournament page.

“Background Image” (Highlight and copy and paste where it says Background Image)

“Top Image” (Highlight and copy and paste where it says Top Image)

“Color Codes”(Highlight and copy and paste where it says below.)

Background color:                                      #
Link color:                                                 #
Text color:                                                 #
Header background color:                         #
Header text color:                                      #
Small header color:                                     #
Title color:                                                  #